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file under: who are they kidding?

on thanksgiving i was headed over to my buddy’s place for thanksgiving. he lives in grove park, just past the intersection of bankhead highway and west lake drive. as i was driving up west lake to his place i noticed that the city of atlanta had renamed simpson road to something silly like joseph boone avenue.

is atlanta the only place that does this thing? i wonder if they really think that by renaming street with a reputation for crime and decay that anyone is going to get fooled.

how many of you are now willing to roll down bankhead just because it is now called donald lee hollowell parkway?

a short list just off the top of my head –

stewart ave becomes metropolitan parkway
lakewood freeway becomes langford parkway
bankhead highway becomes hollowell parkway
hightower road becomes james jackson parkway
simpson road apparently becomes boone ave

any i am missing?

oh and do you ever wonder who the poor saps are that are having these streets renamed after them?

the other thing this got me to thinking about is this: if they keeping renaming all of these streets over on the westside, how is poor t.i. going to be able to find his way around atlanta? if you have no idea what i am talking about check out this map of t.i.’s classic ‘ride wit’ me’ that i made in google maps whilst bored one night.

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