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my friends have been trying to get me to go see the room for almost a year.

and i know ben wrote about it way back in july, and normally i wouldn’t write about something again, but the room, well the room, just needs to be written about.

ben mentioned how awful it is. and it really is. everything, the script which makes no sense and is really just a string of one non sequitur after another thrown together, the production, the cinematography, the art direction, it’s all just atrociously awful. many times if you would have looked at me during the showing, you would have seen me with my hands on my cheeks, mouth open, stunned.

they kept telling me, “turn your brain off.” but i couldn’t. i just sat there stunned at how horrendous this movie is. i was also told that was normal. that a return visit allows you to just revel in it without trying to think about it.

it’s also like rocky horror, in that audience participation from throwing spoons to yelling at the screen is encouraged and part of the experience. many an amateur comedian practiced their material yelling at the actors on the screen.

so yes, score one more for the plaza theater (also your atlanta home for the aforementioned rocky horror, which i have never gone and seen in this city), which is showing the room every month on the last tuesday. the room is the sort of thing that keeps the plaza in business and makes it a success even in the face of overwhelming odds. we’ve written about the plaza many times and we’re huge fans.

the room is just one more reason.

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