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scoutmob be steady mobbin’ tomorrow.

we love to try to bring you the scoop on the social media stuff when we can here at the atlanta metblog. one thing i wanted to pass along to you is a new social media “deal” service is going to be launching in atlanta tomorrow called scoutmob.

scoutmob is being brought to you by the same folks behind skyblox, atlanta’s largest provider of free wi-fi. the service will be an exercise in group buying. every day, scoutmob will send out subscribers one deal to a local business either through email or you guessed it, iphone app. no charge, no advertising, just one deal, hand-picked every day.

a quick scoop the folks at scoutmob wanted me to pass along to you, the first deal goes out tomorrow and will be to murphy’s in virginia-highland, which is a fine establishment and worth getting a coupon to for sure.

to sign up head on over to or download the iphone app which is in the app store now and be ready for some killer free deals.

also, check out their blog for info on getting an invite to a launch event.

social media free stuff, FTW!!!!!

about that zaza letter.

i promise, promise, that i will get off of this topic soon, but….

a few days ago, i implied, somewhat tounge-in-cheek that my open letter to zaza pachulia may have been the reason he opted to sign a four year deal with the atlanta hawks*.

well, this sunday, while touring around with the fam, i opened up twitter and i found this tweet from none other than zaza pachulia (who tweets as @zaza27):

@jeherv hey buddy read your letter and want to tell you that you are the best.would love to invite you on the games ones the season starts

wow. you could say i was suitably shocked. so while $18 mil may have had more to do with it, maybe my letter did help out a bit.

even more impressive is to see that zaza is actually reading and responding to things that are being sent to him by his fans. that says a lot about the power of social media for sure, that i could write a blog post about an athlete, communicate it by twitter and get a response, but it says even more about why zaza is a fan favorite here in the atl.

and it could mean a lot of good things for this town basketball-wise for the next four years.

thanks zaza!!!

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