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runnING in georgia.

the fourth annual ing georgia marathon is going to be taking place in about twelve days. i have run this race twice, running the inaugural 26.2 four years ago and posting my best ever marathon time last year. i love this race. i love the course, i love how well it showcases the city, strolling through inman park, candler park, decatur, emory hills, va-hi, midtown, tech and downtown. i love it because i ran my best time ever there.

but what i really love it for is how importance it has become for the running community in atlanta. around november you start hearing people talking about “the ING.” getting ready for it, talking about the course, those of us who ran the first year when it was 80 and there was no powerade talking like we are veterans of a foreign war.

this run has become part of what binds our running community in this city. so much so, that i almost feel guilty not running it. maybe next year.

by the way, there are plenty of spots available for both the half marathon and the full. just in case you were wondering.

getting dirty.

dirty trail shoes

my new obsession is trail running. after reading christopher mcdougall’s book born to run, i just couldn’t help but become enthralled with the whole idea off trail running. so i signed up for a 50k race in chattanooge and promptly headed to the big peach running company for some trail running shoes.

for the last few weeks, my friend lisa and i have been getting our trail running shoes dirty. based on a suggestion from a friend we have been running on the sope creek trails over at the chattahoochee river. hard to believe that over there between paper mill road and i-285 there are miles and mile of wooded trails. so we have been getting dirty over there at the hooch.

way too much fun.

we’re thinking of also trying out the trails at the georgia international horse park in conyers and sweetwater state park out toward douglasville.

anyone know of any other good spots to run on trails and get running shoes deliciously muddy?

damn it’s humid.

i am training right now for the 2009 marine corps marathon with the georgia chapter of team in training (which by the way is an incredible org and if you are thinking of trying an endurance event i highly recommend them.) i’ve trained for and run four marathons now, but this is my first time training for an early fall event. and what i have learned is that means i am training right through the heart of atlanta’s summer.

and it’s humid. damn humid.

actually i have been quite unprepared for how difficult it is to run long mileage in this humidity. the runs are draining, i sweat like crazy and no matter how much water i drink i can’t seem to get through the run without sweating out everything.

so how about it atlanta runners….those of you with lots of experience running through this humidity. do you have any advice for me? what tricks do you use to get through these dog days of august.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


(that means stop reading if you are going to be offended by a shameless plug. don’t click the link if you don’t want to read it.)


kudos to the georgia marathon.

fans cheering at the ing georgia marathon

fans cheering at the ing georgia marathon

i ran the georgia marathon for the second time in it’s three year history this weekend. i missed 2008 with a foot injury. i’ll put a full race report up on my personal blog at some point this week, but i wanted to take this space to say kudos to the organizers and the citizens of atlanta for a great marathon experience.

maybe i am biased because o set a new personal record in the race, but everything was spectacular. modifications to the course to include candler park and georgia tech were great and the water stop problem from 2007 was non-existent this year. in fact, since the water stops were outsourced to various sponsors and charities, they were actually a ton of fun.

the neighborhoods did a great job too in their official cheering zones, with poncey-highlands and candler park getting special mention for dressing up supporters in costumes and providing live music.

moving the finish to centennial olympic park was so much better than on peacthree street in front of underground too. turning the corner off of marietta and finishing in the park was just a spectacular moment.

and then there were the people like the ones above who turned out to cheer. these two obviously weren’t cheering for anyone in particular; they had just made some signs and turned out. over and over all over the course this was repeated. in druid hills people put speakers out in their yards and blasted music for us.

the city of atlanta is great, this was a great marathon and we are getting closer and closer to turning out a world class crowd for a world class marathon.

kudos to everyone who put this on and everyone that turned out to cheer. you have my deepest thanks.

are you runnING?

i have been training for months. i have raised $1800 for for leukemia research and on sunday morning i will lace up my shoes and head to centennial olympic park to run my fourth marathon, the 2009 ing georgia marathon.

i love this race. i ran it it’s inaugural year in 2007 and i couldn’t last year because of an injury but am so excited to be running it again. the course, which you can see herewinds through some of atlanta’s best neighborhoods (noticeably absent unfortunately are grant park and east atlanta) and is gathering a reputation as one of the toughest and most scenic big city marathons in the country.

if you are running it kudos to you, i’ll see you out there. if not, i have one request – pick a spot, come out on the course and cheer. tons of people will be coming from out of town to run this race and nothing says big city marathon like crowds of people on the course. pull up a chair, crack a beer and yell for us.

and if you see me give me a high five. i’ll be in a purple shirt with my twitter handle, @jeherv painted on it.

happy running.

(full race report to follow sometime next week)

Fair Weather Fitness

I went for a long walk Monday night through Inman Park and half The Highlands and only crossed the path of one other person out doing her thing. There were threats of snow that night but the air was 40degs, the precipitation had ended hours before and what are usually streets lousy with runners, walkers and cyclists were barren.

Should I attribute it to:
a) A number of local shops and restaurants aren’t open on Monday
b) Superbowl hangovers
c) Monday being the “rest” day for a lot of folks
d) general wussitude
e) all of the above


Atlanta Half-Marathon Recap

Well, with the support of numerous folks, I finished the half on Thanksgiving. All in all, it was a great experience. Who woulda thought running thirteen miles could be so fun? Not me. (more…)

Oh, Wise Atlanta Running Community, I Beseech You

I bit the bullet. I have wanted to do a half marathon for a year or more, but things (work, family, kids, LIFE) kept getting in the way. I finally realized that if I didn’t just do it now, I would never do it.

I am doing it. i am running over thirteen miles. On Thanksgiving morning.

When i voiced my trepidation over Friday night drinks, my dear friend, fanatical and fast runner Nat, at The Negative Split, informed me that I should concentrate on the fact that i will be able to eat a whole turkey by myself at Thanksgiving dinner. Which I have to say does not sound half bad. Natalie, ever clothing-obsessed, also informed me that I will receive a medal, and that I am to not take it off on Thanksgiving Day, which should prove to give me some interesting family pictures. My children will show their grandchildren pictures of me wearing a medal at Thanksgiving dinner and the grandchildren will wonder when great-grandma went crazy. Obviously, the tipping point between passably sane and crazy was when I clicked the button to sign up to run thirteen miles. On Thanksgiving.

Perhaps you can tell I am nervous. There are hills. There is a wind tunnel effect downtown. A friend ran one year and people had frost on their clothing from the cold. What if it rains? What if I can’t empty my bowels before I start. What if I just have one of those terrible running days where I’m just not feeling it. What if I can’t sleep the night before? What if I oversleep?

Most importantly, how will I get through the night before Thanksgiving with my parents and without downing at least a whole bottle of red wine? This is unchartered territory. The possibilities for pain and disaster are endless. . . .

So, I beseech you, Metroblogging Atlanta readers who are just crazy enough to have run thirteen miles on Thanksgiving: I need your sage advice. I need your deepest Thanksgiving Half-Marathon secrets. I need your “how I made it” and “here’s what you need to do.”

In return, I think you will be getting a pretty giddy race report on Thanksgiving* Friday night.

*I will be in overdose mode from post-race Tryptophan and red wine ingestion and cannot guarantee Thanksgiving post.
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