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Atlanta Streets Alive – Again

ASA fall posterIf you missed it (or had a great time at) the first one, there’s another chance to stroll the center city at Atlanta Streets Alive tomorrow, October 17.

The 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. time slot is the same as in May, but the street closures are a little less ambitious this time. Activities will be centered on Woodruff Park and Hurt Park, and along Edgewood Avenue between Peachtree and Raldolph Streets. The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition-led bike loop is back too, this time at 4.4 miles.

Even if you’re not into biking, skating, jumping, hula hooping, drumming or dancing, ASA will be a chance to sample the wares from several Atlanta Street Food Coalition members’ food trucks, with plenty of ensembles providing music to eat by. And all on a day when the high is expected to be around 75, rather than 95. Can’t beat that.

Go Play in the Street

Unless you’re just itching to see the inside of an emergency room, strolling down the middle of Piedmont Avenue on a Sunday afternoon isn’t likely to appear on your “Things to Do This Weekend” list. But if the organizers of Atlanta Streets Alive ¬†have their way about it, you’ll make it a habit.

May 23 Atlanta will join several other cities that occasionally pedestrianize parts of major streets for a few hours, converting them into a combination street festival and temporary bike route.

Atlanta Streets Alive, which is a project of the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition , is scheduled for 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. and aims to “provide a model of how cities can provide healthy, environmental friendly outdoor activities for their residents,” according to the event’s “About” page. It’s a first-of-its-kind event here, where even intown neighborhoods are notoriously car-centric.

According to ASA’s current map¬†(click it to enlarge the microscopic print), the route will include Piedmont between Edgewood and North Avenue, North Avenue between Piedmont and Glen Iris/Randolph, Glen Iris/Randolph between North Avenue and Edgewood, one lane of Edgwood Avenue between Randolph and Peachtree and Auburn Avenue between Peachtree and Piedmont.

You might be about fest-ed out by now, and the Jazz Festival is still to come the following weekend, but for pure novelty, this sounds like one worth working into your schedule.

Don’t think I won’t run you over.

Okay, I might not…but I’ll think about it, and shame on you for making me.

You know who you are. You pack of people who piled out of the MARTA station at Lenox like ants from a hill that had been kicked. You who followed the young woman in the red high heeled boots, trailing her by 15 paces out into the intersection when the flaming hot hand on the digital pedestrian sign screamed DO NOT WALK at you with its solid illuminated signal. You who stood in front of my truck when I had the green light, then waffled about what to do like a squirrel on a country road causing me and the cars behind me to miss it entirely. And specifically YOU, schlubby wannabe rebel boy with your shaggy hair, horrible posture and 70’s sunglasses, who smacked the hood of my truck with a fist and yelled “pedestrians!” at me.

You give us a bad name.

I’m a pedestrian. I love walking around this city, I love that I get to live in a place that affords us mobility options (in some neighborhoods, anyway), and I love that we have the right of way. That does *not* mean you should abuse it by hiding behind the law (that you’ve conveniently misinterpreted) and it does not mean that given the chance, I won’t pull over and Nancy Kerrigan your ass with a tire iron.

I won’t, but you shouldn’t put it past me.

Seriously, thanks, to all you negligent pedestrians for giving us all a bad name, and for giving the people at organizations like PEDS one more hurdle to jump. I really appreciate it.

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