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ZOMG!!!! panda cam is back…rejoice, all ye people.

it’s been a sad three and a half months for us panda-cam addicts. ever since zoo atlanta took down our beloved panda cam at the start of the year we have been jonesing hard for a work-day break to peek at young pandizzle (xi lan, to those of you not inclined to my alternate stylings.)

well now it’s time to rejoice. as the ajc reports and the zoo atlanta web site confirms, the panda cam is coming back :-). according to the reports the panda cam is coming back thanks to a sponsorship from earthcam and a generous private donation from mara strock of burke, va (thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!).

i cannot even begin to tell you how happy this makes me :-)

the panda cam resumes operation tomorrow at 10:00 am. tune in.

why, zoo atlanta, why?

panda cam!!!

panda cam!!!

that my friends is an adorable image of lun lun cradling young pandizzle as caught on camera on the zoo atlanta panda cam. ben reported it in the comments on my last post on this topic and i am not sure how i missed it but apparently zoo atlanta is planning on dropping the panda cam after the first of the year due to “budget cuts.”

i cannot tell you how sad this makes me. the panda cam is my stress reliever. whenever i need to take a quick break for cuteness during the day, i tab to the panda cam and just watch those guys playing for a while.

i also don’t understand why the zoo would cut something popular. it seems to me to be a bad marketing idea. surely the zoo could find something else that people aren’t utilizing to cut to save our beloved panda cam.

i have set up an online petition i am going to forward to the zoo to ask them to reconsider and look for cuts somewhere else. please consider signing it. first though, click over to the panda cam and see what is at stake.

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