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Slow News Day

Sorry. I’m not all that good at gallows humor.

Anyhow, the local news is all about local news in the form of the AJC cutting staff and WXIA’s news director stepping down.

Me? I get all my information from the internets and the watercooler (an actual watercooler who bears a resemblance to Wall-E).

I rarely watch the TV version (save for the weather, how Atlantan of me) and I occassionally link/blog the paper version, though I prefer CL’s reportage and their blogs.

seriously, if you don’t like graffiti why are you living in cabbagetown.

a long time ago, i wrote a post expressing incredulity that someone would consider the krog street bridge an eyesore.

you would think that people who aren’t in to that kind of thing probably wouldn’t want to live in cabbagetown, where purple houses, eclectic yard decorations and yes, graffiti, rule the day.

but apparently they do. today’s ajc contains an article about a man who actually sat in a tree and staked out the railroad fence along wylie avenue. apparently at around 2:00 am he caught some kids who were about to paint something, jumped out of his tree and assaulted them.


my favorite line in the article tho:

In front of police officers, Bowman asked the young men what they were doing out there so late at night, Jaeger said.

“You were in a tree at 2:30 in the morning,” they replied, according to Jaeger.

Bowman could not be reached for comment.

i really suggest that mr. bowman pack his bags and head to alpharetta.

tornado map.

continuing with all things tornado;

doing some reading this morning i cam across this excellent map of the track of the downtown tornado.

(i was going to embed the map here, but we are still working through getting embedding to work, so i really encourage you to click the link. if we get it fixed, i will go back and embed it)

looking at it, i realized just how lucky i came. the tornado crossed over i-20 less than 1/4 of a mile from my house. instead of having no roof today, i am only missing some shingles, some siding and some flashing.

i am in toronto for a couple of day, but i am interested in how the cleanup is coming?

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