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Piling On

To write some big diatribe against the NY Sun’s Bloomberg’s piece on Atlanta transplants from New York would miss the point.

Are there things about Atlanta that pale in comparison to NYC? Absolutely.

Are they fundamentally different than some of the things my Midwestern parents complained about in 1988, the first full year we lived in Marietta. Not really.

Are you really surprised that there’s “culture shock” at work here? Certainly not.

My take: so long as we can agree on moving Atlanta forward toward some uniqe vision (ie NOT NYC-South) then I’m OK with any “progress” the displaced are willing to help affect.

Other than that, I really don’t care how they did it in New York.  (Sorry for paraphrasing a bumper sticker).

I’m all for more water near downtown, but I think we’re too late (and too far south) for TVA assistance and the drought might but a cramp in our style.

This one’s being debated everywhere, but I got the meme from Lori, per usual.

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