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New: Falcons Drumline

TonyOur very own former Atlanta MetBlogs author atl_tony aka Tony Simon was hand chosen along with two dozen fellow area drummers to form the Falcons newest fan experience effort: the drum line.

I went out and listened to these guys hammer away this afternoon at GA Tech, and, although I have an existing affinity for drum lines, I gotta say they knocked me around. It was only their second time practicing but it was solid.

You may never get a chance to stand beside them as they thunder and clash away on their instruments up close and personal if you attend a game, but if you ask nicely, you might have an opportunity to sneak up on them at a practice and feel the thumping. As an aside for the women reading: practice is performed with a primarily shirts-off squad. I’m just sayin’.

The new drum line is the brain child of Roddy White (Falcons marketing) and Chris Moore (director of bands at GA Tech) who got an initial round of funding from the NFL for this game day improvement idea. Eric Miller coordinated membership, music arrangement, and more; no small task since this years talent was by invitation only.

Drum Line
Tony tells me “other professional football teams have drum lines, but they’re unsanctioned grass roots efforts. The Falcons will have the first fully official NFL ensemble with on field performances, seats in the stands, etc.”

So I’m biased: I love a drum line, and I happen to think Tony is a pretty great guy, so I’m obviously hoping they’ll rock the face of Falcons fans. In reality, I’ve been to exactly one Falcons game (a work function) so I probably won’t get to see them in action again.

It’s okay though, I had my fraction of an August afternoon with them and they were incredible.

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