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atl hipsters dropping the ball

Krog tunnel news source hasn’t been updated since November 27. Not sure if they’re scared of Rodney again or what, but I don’t know what to do with my weekend! What’s going on with you?

Dunces in a Confederacy Against Him

One of my absolute all-time favorite books is A Confederacy of Dunces. I laugh aloud at Ignatius. It’s an amazing thing to me for a book to actually make someone laugh aloud, to the point of eye rolling by others in the room. (Which may or may not have happened repeatedly the last time I read it). For those who haven’t read it, the book is a first novel, written by John Kennedy Toole and published posthumously, about a great blasphemous child-man who knows that he is simply too smart for his own good, but isn’t really. Him and his momma, and a seedy bar, and a pants factory. And it’s set in New Orleans, in the 60’s, with characters that are despicable and pitiful or conniving and hilarious, or all four.

I was thrilled to see that a stage adaptation of Confederacy is running right now at um, Theatrical Outfit, a group that I’m ashamed to say I had never heard of.  Even though they have been on Luckie Street in downtown since 2004, and has been running since 1974. Information on the show is here – warning, video automatically starts streaming, and CL review is here.  They’ve extended their run to September 12th. I plan on attending that last weekend – has anyone seen the show? Planning on it?

looking to get "posterized" this weekend?

(ed. note – we’d put some cool promotional video here, but we can’t get vidder to embed, so if you feel like helping the agency that created it earn their payday you can click here)

okay, so maybe while my beloved atlanta hawks are embroiled in a heated series with the cavs isn’t the best time to be bringing to town a promotion featuring lebron james, but you can’t blame the nba for throwing it’s most marketable player out there.

anyway, if you are a fan of roundball and looking for something to do in between playoff games this weekend, i suggest you head over to the sweet auburn festival this weekend and check out the sprite nba amateur dunk contest, which is apparently, “lebron james certified,” (which must be an interesting certification program.)

should be a damn good time, and the folks at the nba assure me this is free to attend, and you can even participate by voting for your favorite amateur dunker via text message.

the winners are going to head to the all-start game in dallas next year to compete for a pretty big prize package, so your vote could be huge.

you can also submit your dunk by video if you can’t make it but you think you have a little josh smith in you, by visiting

i plan on checking it out if i can on saturday and posting some pics.

should be a blast.

sprite slam dunk showdown
friday, may 8: 5PM – 10PM
saturday, may 9: 11AM – 9PM
sunday, may 10: 2PM – 8PM
sweet auburn festival
auburn ave

hooray for pix!!!


she will probably kill me for posting this picture here, but congrats to our own maigh who sold her first ever print at the atlanta photography exhibit friday night in castleberry hill.

as an aside, having toured the exhibit, there are some amazingly talented photographers in the atlanta area taking some pretty damn amazing photos. and, yes, i would include our own paulie in that bunch. he exhibited one print of the sun setting over the atlanta skyline that was just out of control good.

it was also my first time ever attending the castleberry hill art stroll and i really enjoyed it. some really great art and of course some really pretentious art as well that made for great comedy.

the best in the latter category was a man in overall standing in a giant bowl of salad, tossing it with two wooden stilt arms and hands.

unfortunately i didn’t snap a picture of this, but i am hoping James S. did and will post it here soon.

congrats again, maigh!!!

file under: stuff i’d be doing this weekend if i wasn’t so lame.

prince vs. michael jackson

prince vs. michael jackson

yeah, not a clubber at all. in fact since i run most saturday mornings i am usually in bed by 10 in the evening while most of you are just getting wound up.

oh well.

i’ve never been in atlanta’s sutra lounge but when i came across the above poster in joe’s east atlanta coffee shop i thought, damn, now that is something i would consider actually going out for.

i’m not going to, i’m running the big peach 5k but i would.

i mean seriously, a night of dj’s mixing up nothing but prince and michael jackson? how badass is that?

if you go, enjoy and let me know so i can live vicariously through you.

tomorrow is ride marta day.

in an effort to show support for atlanta’s beleaguere but absolutely vital public transit system, a grassroots movement has organized around the idea of having a “ride marta day” tomorrow.

it’s really easy to participate. you just ride marta. that’s it. nothing more.

seriously, just plan one trip on marta that you might have normally taken in a car. a strong turnout will show out “leaders” that we atlantans care about having a vital public transportation system.

this issue is of course deeply personal to me as someone who rides on marta every day and loves the system, the people that operate it and ride on it. so i am personally asking for you to support ride marta day.

and one other thought – try riding a bus if you never have. i know many people really dislike the idea of riding a bus, but give it a whirl. you might be surprised.

you can find more information on the ride marta day web site including a list of supporting organizations.

also the citizens for progressive transit’s a-train trip planner is a great resource for planning your marta trip tomorrow.

happy riding. if you see me on the #9, the north-south line, or the #140 say hello.

some monday satire.

on a bit of a lighter note form my last post, the insanely high-brow economist magazine is actually doing something here in our city. actually it’s funny i wrote that because i have been noticing a ton of ads for the economist popping up on marta buses, so i wonder if we are a focus city for them for some reason.

either way, the economist has teamed up with the performers from second city to present a riff on the art of political satire. the event will be hitting atlanta next monday, the 21st at the alliance theatre at 7:30 pm (details and a pretty funny video here) for the mere price of $15.

the event promises improv and live cartooning, which sounds absurdly interesting.

speaking of videos here is my favorite, a little riff on my chosen candidate :-)

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