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Earth Hour 2009: Flop?

Last night in the ladies at Elliott Street Deli & Pub (best sanny in town BTW) as I reached for a paper towel I eyed a sticker on the dispenser for Earth Hour. It’s been there for over a year, I remember roughly when it went up, I remember turning our lights out that night in observance, unplugging all our excessive doo-dads and harassing a smattering of friends and family about it.

I remember watching the giant Coke bottle go dark on 11Alive, and the shots of downtown that should have been darker than they were.

This year I put it on my calendar, accepted a facebook invitation to attend and made a mental note: none of which actually helped me remember to observe it.

Did anyone else?

I didn’t see anything on the news or in the media attempting to build hype like we had last year. I didn’t see people twittering about it or hear any buzz at the water cooler.

What’s changed in a year? Are we far enough removed now from Al Gore and his interwebs and indie movie that we’ve already forgotten or it’s just not trendy? Is it like the drought and our forgetting how to conserve over the course of the winter and thinking that a few days of good rain are going to save us from ourselves?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m guilty – I forgot. That said, I’m also pretty sure I was passed out cold at 8:30 last Saturday night.

Did you remember / observe? Do you care?

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