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using that scoutmob.

since i posted about scoutmoba few weeks ago*, i thought i would just take a moment to follow up on my experiences with the service.

i have used it twice, both times for 50% of deals. the first time i used it was the day after scoutmob had launched and i used it at no mad cantina and while the server was a bit confused when i showed him my phone, he returned with the manager who promptly gave me 50% off the check.

by the time i used scoutmob a week later for brunch at murphy’s the servers were pretty well prepared and the table next to me was actually using a scoutmob coupon too (one note from murphy’s – the scoutmob iphone app requires you to be near the location to get the coupon and i couldn’t get a gps connection inside so it wouldn’t let me pull up the coupon. suggest pulling up the coupon before heading into a venue.)

both of those establishments were picked, btw, because i had a scoutmob coupon.

there are a ton of other scoutmob coupons sitting on my phone that i am dying to use too as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

so call me a fan. you should get on board atlanta, and if you have an iphone get the app. it’s a pretty cool way to manage the coupons.

scoutmob be steady mobbin’ tomorrow.

we love to try to bring you the scoop on the social media stuff when we can here at the atlanta metblog. one thing i wanted to pass along to you is a new social media “deal” service is going to be launching in atlanta tomorrow called scoutmob.

scoutmob is being brought to you by the same folks behind skyblox, atlanta’s largest provider of free wi-fi. the service will be an exercise in group buying. every day, scoutmob will send out subscribers one deal to a local business either through email or you guessed it, iphone app. no charge, no advertising, just one deal, hand-picked every day.

a quick scoop the folks at scoutmob wanted me to pass along to you, the first deal goes out tomorrow and will be to murphy’s in virginia-highland, which is a fine establishment and worth getting a coupon to for sure.

to sign up head on over to or download the iphone app which is in the app store now and be ready for some killer free deals.

also, check out their blog for info on getting an invite to a launch event.

social media free stuff, FTW!!!!!

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