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yeah, it’s cold. honestly in all the time i have lived in atlanta (two tours of duty totaling more than eight years) i cannot remember a stretch where it has been so cold for so long. in 2007 there were a few cold weekends running up to the ing georgia marathon that i can remember, but they always broke.

i surely cannot remember a cold spell like this, where every day it has been sub-30 for a substantial portion of the day. it’s been this way since friday and was 19 at the bus stop this morning.

it seems to that there really isn’t much for us atlantans to do about it except complain. oh and to all those northerners who like to look down their nose at us with their, “you don’t know what winter is like,” comments, well, maybe we don’t, and maybe if we lived in buffalo we wouldn’t be bitching.

but we don’t. our city’s nickname is hotlanta for pete’s sake.

so leave us alone.

and let’s hope it warms up soon. it looks like the high today is going to be FORTY. i might get out my swimsuit.

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