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Car Free? Car Lite?

Are you guys “car-free” today?  I thought I saw a few more bikes than usual on the way in this morning!

If you agree to give your car the day off one day this week, Clark Howard will give you a free Chick-fil-A sammich. Just don’t make an extra trip and drive there.

Apparently Atlantans spend an average of nearly $500 a month driving back and forth to work. That is completely nuts when you add in the value of lost time spent in the car, too. And the cumulative stress it generates– it raises the hairs on the back of my neck thinking about sitting in the parking lot of the connector every day. I picture a big black ball of Angry sparking and hovering over Spaghetti Junction.

A good resource for anyone even considering carpooling, MARTA, biking, or other transportation options is the Clean Air Campaign. I “log my commute” with them every week and occasionally win an Amazon gift card, plus get pretty annoyingly smug when I use their online calculators to see how much money I save by biking to work instead of driving. They can pair you up with carpool partners, and you get up to $100 or more just for starting an alternative commute.

Clark Howard shops at Costco

A post title like that one is about as blindingly obvious as “Rain: Still Wet” but it isn’t often a gangly, bespectacled man with a nasal voice is beset by a crowd of people at Costco.

At least it isn’t during any of the times I’ve shopped there.

Still, this was about a week and a half ago and I didn’t have the nerve to ask whether he was running for Mayor. Most of the feedback he got was in regard to his radio show.

This was as the Cumberland Mall location, FWIW.

Good to know that the man practices what he <strike>cheaps</strike> preaches.

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