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The Palin Connection

I’ve been in Atlanta fourteen years and I can count on my hands the number of people I’ve met who didn’t say “hey! I’ve never met anyone from Alaska!”. Two years ago I met another defector – my SO’s physician, who is now my physician. It’s only been in the last few months have I even run into another ex-Alaskan. And that? That’s because someone in the room brought up Palin.

I wasn’t embarrassed of her enough, so she has to come here and compound it by supporting Saxby? I know her visit all about me and getting under my skin. Go away already. I don’t want you or need you here in Atlanta. I don’t want people associating me with you. It was bad enough when it was just Jewel people associated with Alaska, and she’s not exactly high on my list after lying publicly and repeatedly about going straight her grandfathers homestead to Big City, California when she went to high school with me in Anchorage. I just love it when people leave out key details.

I feel so strongly about Palins visit I had half a mind to rally together the aforementioned escapees to rally in shirts with snappy jabbing slogans, but I’m too busy with other bits. Like planning ATL Tweet-Ups. WHAT? You don’t know? Tsk tsk. Search for ATL Tweeters on facebook and join in the fun.

The only rule is you can’t mention Palin when you meet me.

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