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Piling On

To write some big diatribe against the NY Sun’s Bloomberg’s piece on Atlanta transplants from New York would miss the point.

Are there things about Atlanta that pale in comparison to NYC? Absolutely.

Are they fundamentally different than some of the things my Midwestern parents complained about in 1988, the first full year we lived in Marietta. Not really.

Are you really surprised that there’s “culture shock” at work here? Certainly not.

My take: so long as we can agree on moving Atlanta forward toward some uniqe vision (ie NOT NYC-South) then I’m OK with any “progress” the displaced are willing to help affect.

Other than that, I really don’t care how they did it in New York.  (Sorry for paraphrasing a bumper sticker).

I’m all for more water near downtown, but I think we’re too late (and too far south) for TVA assistance and the drought might but a cramp in our style.

This one’s being debated everywhere, but I got the meme from Lori, per usual.

where am i – phrases you never expect to see edition.


imagine my surprise when i actually saw the words “Welcome Trial Lawyers.”

anybody know where i was?

Homeless Campground?

Anybody else notice the tent at the Southbound ramp to the connector at 10th Street?

Sorry I don’t have a photo, but it strikes me as a rather odd and conspicuous place to break ground for the evening.

Not Quite Times Square


This is Atlanta in 1951
. The Lowes Grande on the left? Today, that’s where you’ll find the Georgia-Pacific Building. This photo and a handful of wonderful other images of our fair town can be found in the Charles W. Cushman Photograph Collection at the University of Indiana University. (Found via MeFi.)

Whither 10th Street Station?

The grungy homeless encampment cum parking lot at the corner of 10th and Williams Street has lost it’s zeal. For some time it was designated as the site of the soon-to-come “10th Street Station” but no longer. The sign that previously announced “10th Street Station” as “coming soon” is gone.

The time of it’s initial grand opening – Fall 2006 – has long since past and I think whatever developers were attached to the project wanted to spare themselves the embarrassment of falling short for yet another season.

I’ll admit I haven’t done much detective work for this post, but I did find some online chatter about the space and a realtor’s PDF of the proposed development.

If anyone has any additional information – like a city government link about zoning/planning or an article from a local pub – leave a comment.

The less janky that corner can look in the future, the better.

where am i? – favorite houses edition


so where am i?

relatively easy one, i think. i love this house. probably one of my favorite in the city. and the basketball goal in front of this grand old home seals it for me.

Where am I?

Graffiti Advertising

Well, it’s certainly one way to drive traffic to your site…where is it?

The Wheels on the bus go round and round

Am I the only one who flashes on Mister Roger’s land of make believe trolley when I see the Georgia Tech Trolley?


I’ve been working in Midtown too long.

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