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We Have Arrived.

girlsonthesidebar.pngLook to the right, my friends … over there on the sidebar … it would appear that we’ve taken one more vital step toward becoming an A-List community blog.

Like BoingBoing and MetaFilter before us, it appears that Metblog is shilling for the Girls.

For my part, I’ve no real issue with the content and purpose of SG. And I know full well that any web entity, personal or shared, has to be funded somehow. With growing popularity comes higher bandwidth comes rising costs. So it goes. But when I saw the ad this morning, I had to tilt my head and ponder, if only for a second. Is this a good thing for the Metblog? Ostensibly, we’re here to talk about the goings on of Atlanta, both positive and negative. Self-censorship is rarely a concern and it shouldn’t become one. Ever. We’re all adults here.

But it can’t be denied that the Metblog serves as a kind of ever-growing guide to our town. While most of the folks that steer our way are hip, groovy and perfectly okay with a website like Suicide Girls, does the Metblog Community (Atlanta in particular) run the risk of alienating that small percentage of people that might come here to plan a weekend with the kids, family vacation to the Aquarium, things to do when grandma comes to visit?


Welcome Nashville!

Also, welcome Nashville to Metroblogging! Now, 7 of the 43 Metroblogging cities are in the southeast USA

And, while we’re around the network, I recommend this Dubai Metroblog post for a view from the other side of the whole port affair.

New design

You’ll notice that the design has changed. We hope you like it!

Update: Here’s the official announcement.

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