Check, please! Bundle says Atlantans love their restaurants

Bundle's restaurant spending infographic

Ever wonder how that just-okayish restaurant in your neighborhood stays in business, or why optimistic entrepreneurs keep setting up shop in the same location that’s already chewed up and spit out five other diners, cafes, bistros and lounges in five years?

According to Bundle, a site that collects and analyzes spending data across the country, Atlantans did 57 percent (click the circles to see stats and maps) of their food and drink spending at restaurants last year on average – more than any other major city. The average for the U.S. is 37 percent.

That might explain the longevity of some lackluster establishments and restaurateurs’ willingness to keep rolling the dice around here. We’re going to eat somewhere, and for some of us, it’s often not at home.

The statistical breakdown makes it a bit clearer what’s going on. The first three merchants on the top-10 “Where They Spend” list for Atlanta are Starbucks, Chic-Fil-A and McDonald’s. So, it appears to be a matter of a lot of people spending a little money fairly frequently, rather than going out to $50 dinners twice a week. The most expensive establishments in the top-10 list – Cheesecake Factory, Longhorn Steakhouse and Outback Steakhouse – came in at fifth, seventh and ninth place, respectively. Waffle House was number 10.

There are some significant limitations on just how informative the data are, though, as they’re generated only from credit card transactions. The list might look quite a bit different if cash sales were factored in.

By the way, the Number 4 on the “Where They Spend” list is Trop, Inc.

Never heard of it? It’s the corporate name of The Pink Pony.

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  2. abby on August 3rd, 2010 @ 2:14 pm

    I saw that infographic but didn’t look into it — good post, Tamra! Did NOT know that bit about Trop. Also found it interesting that among single parents, Bacchanalia replaced Trop (really not sure what sort of single parents these people are), and single females have Bab’s, one of my preferred lunch spots, in their top 10.

  3. moving (unregistered) on August 19th, 2010 @ 1:28 pm

    Atlanta is a service heavy city….many young professionals eat out very often if not every day. Not always good for the belt line or the bank account but good for restaurants.

  4. Tamra (tlt0912) on August 20th, 2010 @ 1:23 am

    Yeah, I usually bring my lunch to work at least four days a week, but lots of people do eat out almost every day. I guess they’d rather spend the money and save the cooking/packing time. Not so great for the spenders, but I’m sure the people whose paychecks or tips come from those restaurants really appreciate it.

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