marta on the ropes?

things are bad at marta right now. really bad.

the ajc is reporting that marta’s budget shortfall is growing every day as the economic crisis worsens. no before you go all crazy on marta, you have to know that marta gets the bulk of it’s funding from a sales tax in fulton and dekalb. if people don’t buy, marta doesn’t get money.

some of the measures being considered are drastic to say the least. eliminating weekend service, cutting bus routes, raising fares.

i also know that most of you don’t ride marta and you probably could care less, but consider this, if marta eliminates my bus route, i might just be back on the streets with you trying to get to work, as will all these other people on the bus with me right now (yup, i am writing this from the bus.) some of them may not be able to even commute to their jobs.

if you live in atlanta, a strong public transportation system helps you big time, whether you ride or not.

and don’t start to bitch about how marta’s problems are of their own making. for the crap funding they get, they do a pretty damn awesome job. you can get anywhere in fulton or dekalb, safely with (most of the time) a smile. marta has done a lot to clean up it’s act too. our own ben did a good job of making this case here.

the state can help. they can give marta money, or at least ease the restriction that forces marta to tie so much money up in a captial reserve. either would help.

jill chambers, who most of you have never heard or, heads the marta oversight board. please contact her and tell her that marta is good for all georgians and the state NEEDS to step in.

you can find her info here.

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  1. water026 on January 8th, 2009 @ 5:09 pm

    Sarah Waters from The Clean Air Campaign here, and we couldn’t agree with you more, James. While we’re waiting on transportation funding to come through, there’s so much we can do in the short term.

    There are two ways to fix our problems, and it’s simple supply and demand: either increase transportation supply or reduce transportation demand. While we don’t have the funding to build new roads and increase supply at the moment, decreasing demand on our roadways is the only solution. And we can do that by keeping cars off the road through commute options like transit, carpools, vanpools, walking, biking and teleworking from home.

    And these solutions really work. The efforts of The Clean Air Campaign commuters reduce 1.2 million miles of vehicle travel every day in metro Atlanta. If you’re interested in ways to help reduce demand to improve our transportation system, you can visit

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