Paging Doctor…Wait, Who Are You?

Another fake doctor was exposed recently here in Atlanta — Eric Perteet. Maybe you’ve heard about him?

“He was a busy man, with a pager and cellphone always sounding. Parishioners at the church where he worshipped didn’t look twice when he came to services in his scrubs.

Nor did his wife, who’d slide over in the pew and smile when he joined her. Dr. Eric Perteet was saving lives, and adding a new dimension to hers, too.

That’s changed with the snap of handcuffs and the clang of a steel jail door.

Perteet is in the Fulton County Jail, charged with impersonating a physician. Officials at Piedmont Hospital, where police arrested him, deny that he ever worked in their emergency room or dealt with patients.

And his wife, Tammi Perteet?

She has a stack of documents that lay out a life built on lies. She has a scrub shirt from the hospital where she dropped her husband off for two months.

She has questions. [link]”

Honestly, I don’t think she should have too many questions. It just sounds like a case of her falling in love and not seeing the signs. How do you marry a doctor and not see his degree? See his office? We’d call that a “high-post brotha” ’round my way. She should’ve done like Teyana Taylor and Google him, baby!

Like I alluded to earlier, this isn’t the first fake doctor exposed here in the A — a few years back, you might remember Tiy-E Muhammad from TBS’ “The Real Gilligan’s Island” got exposed as being a fake doctor even though he was an associate professor at Clark-Atlanta University and running around dubbing himself a psychologist-relationship expert.

So what do you think of these Ph.Don’ts?

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  1. joymonique74 on June 13th, 2008 @ 12:29 am

    When I hear about incidents like this, as a single woman in metro Atlanta, it makes me leery to even give a man my number, but still, I date and proceed with caution. As a woman, you have to have good judgment and just be honest, in my past experience, it’s a lot of work to keep up with lies and untruths, Eventually a man will talk about himself, through his words, but mostly his actions. You really don’t know anyone, unless you’ve spent or are spending time with them one-on-one, their family and their friends and vice-versa. I just pray Ms. Tammi can get through this and move on. I’m sure she’ll fine.

  2. scottfarcas on June 13th, 2008 @ 12:02 pm

    I think the real question should be "Who the hell still has a pager?"

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