rip, robert anton wilson

frequent metroblogging commenter, jim v, wrote in to the suggest this link for a story. the post concerns the death earlier this month of noted libertarian author robert anton wilson.

in writing in to suggest the story, jim noted:

As Neal Boortz and/or Eric Von Haessler are are for many people around here the face of Libertianism it’s interesting to read about a Libertarian who isn’t an ass. I thought about james and Annie when I read this article. The jury is still out on whether or not they are asses.* :) *Although truth be told, they are annoying me less lately, which may just mean that I’m becoming more of an ass.

hah! thanks jim. annie and i want to report we are finding you less annoying these days too. either that means that world peace and harmony are just around the corner or we are all becoming more of an ass these days.

jim is correct though, that atlanta’s two most notorious libertarians are former regular guy, eric von hasessler (warning: myspace link) and ‘talkmaster’ neal boortz both of whom could certainly be described as acerbic in presenting their views.

also both annie and my libertarian leanings have been the topic of much discussion here on the atlanta metroblog (see here and here.)

jim is right though. r.a.w was a cut above the rest. an amazing author, a fiery spirit and a great soul, he will be missed.

take a look at the post that jim refernced in the economist and if you have a chance read the illuminatus! trilogy, its a great story if you can follow it.

thanks for the link, jim.

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