life imitates hollywood

on the last day of work, jerome mcinnis of college park struck paydirt. according to the ajc here:

The 13-year Ford employee purchased a $5 ticket for the “Bah Humbucks” game. The ticket was a winner, good for $225,000, lottery officials said.

“I paid for the gas, but I was so excited that I drove off and forgot to get my gas,” McInnis said in a press release issued by the lottery.

of course the real hollywood aspect is that jerome was heading to work on the day that ford was closing it’s hapeville plant. mcinnis was taking early retirement and basically heading in to turn in his uniform, or whatever you do the day an auto plant closes.

folks, i’m in pr, and i can tell you the pr people at the georgia lottery commission were absolutely salivating over this story as soon as they realized what they had.

i swear i wouldn’t be suprised to see jerome in a ga lottery ad sometime soon.

more on the closing of the hapeville plant here

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