fruits on auburn continued

not to long ago i posted about this place lottafrutta that i had seen being worked on for quite some time right there at the corner of auburn and randolph (590 auburn ave, if you are feeling the urge to map it.)

well this morning after verifying that they had, indeed, opened (even if it is just day two for them) i took a look inside to see what they were offering.

pretty cool stuff. the shop specializes in all things fruit. they offer fruit cups made from fresh cut fruit and all the fruit is bought at local farmer’s markets. their specialty is fruit milkshakes all made, again, with fresh-cut fruit (yes the fresh-cut thing is a theme) with some pretty wild flavors including ‘mora,’ which is a south american blackberry, ‘maracuya,’ or passion fruit, and the specialty, ‘guanabana,’ which is a south american fruit as well.

there’s a pretty sweet assortment of fresh fruit popsicles and some to-go fruit cups too, if you don’t want to wait for it to be cut.

i opted for a smoothie, having needed a bit of a pick me up after my three mile run and without a doubt it was fresher and better than some chain smoothie places i could name.

couple of other things to note – a selection of sandwiches with bread baked daily at the sweet auburn bread company as well as jake’s ice cream with a house flavor, coffita, a mixture of a latte and cuban coffee in flavor. they gave me a taste of it and it is dang good.

one more thing – for all you non-chain-shopping, local-business-supporting snobs out there (of which i consider myself one, if not as militant as some of you,) myrna and fibrizio are found behind the counter and are the proprietors of the shop. in fact they live upstairs from the shop. you cannot get more untarget than that.

check ’em out and have a smoothie or a fruit cup. they are a welcome addition to the neighborhood. plus you want to check ’em out before they show up in daily candy and are swamped by trendy girls anyway.

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  1. Imara (unregistered) on August 10th, 2006 @ 2:47 pm

    Thanks for the heads up!

    Passed by today, and this place is great! I enjoyed a fresh fruit cup and a grilled sandwich, definitely worth it.

    Next, I have to try the fresh fruit popsicles – what I need in this summer heat.

  2. james (unregistered) on August 10th, 2006 @ 10:43 pm

    cool…glad you liked it. the popsicles did look pretty amazing didn’t they? i am headed there this weekend to try one me-self.

  3. David (unregistered) on August 14th, 2006 @ 9:35 am

    Tried it yesterday, and will definitely be back. The guanabana drink is amazing. They gave us a free sample, which was so good we ordered a double to go.

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