Veteran Educator to Teach Reading to Inmates

That’s right. Former State School Superintendent Linda Schrenko stole over $600,000 dollars in federal funding earmarked for Georgia education. About half of that sum went to her gubernatorial campaign coffers. She also used part of it for an almost $10,000 facelift. Shrenko received an eight-year sentence, and must repay $414,887.50 of the stolen funds. According to this AJC article, Schrenko said, “I’ll probably be paying the rest of my life.”

Actually, Linda, the taxpayers will be paying for this the rest of your life. You stole $600,000 and only have to pay back $414,887.50? Can any of our readers explain what happens to the other $185,112.50? What about the cost to the taxpayers of prosecuting Schrenko? Will she be repaying the legal fees? Not to mention that we have to feed her three squares a day while she is in prison. What does it run to feed a 50-something female three meals a day for eight years?

I would like to propose that part of her sentence be the undoing of her ill-gotten facelift. Then, instead of the brown jumpsuits she will be wearing, we put her in an old-school, black and white-striped prison uniform, replete with ball and chain. Schrenko is quoted as saying, “I’m hoping there are going to be some people who are going to need to learn to read, so I will have something to do for a while.” I think not. Why should she have the luxury or satisfaction of teaching literacy? Let’s put her on the chain gang. I want to see her picking up trash on the side of I-20 when I’m driving home. Unfortunately, she has requested incarceration in Tallahassee, so we don’t even get that benefit. It appears that the taxpayers are basically paying $600,000 to have a plastic-faced former school superintendent teach reading to Florida inmates.

What a judicious use of educational funding!

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