found: some people in atlanta who can cook, apparently

i love it when the old gray lady, the new york times, stands up and takes some notice of our sleepy, little town. it almost makes me feel like us folks down in this here atlanta might actually be living in a real city or something, what with those arbiters of all things stylish actually poking around down here.

[note to readers who took my suggestion to start an email writing campaign to the government of dubai to free dallas austin seriously – the above paragraph was oozing with sarcasm]

now, with my obligatory shot at my friends from nyc out of the way, there is a tremendous article on anne quatrano and clifford harrison, owners of bacchanalia, the floataway cafĂ© and quinones at bacchanalia (official site of all three here) in today’s nyt here(free subscription required.)

the article focuses on anne and her husband’s farm where they meant to raise poultry for their restaurants but ended up with a bunch of pets because

“The turkeys got so friendly and they have so much personality that we just said forget it,” Ms. Quatrano said.

it’s a good article about the kind of people that i love our city being known for. yeah, it may be a puff piece, but with record producers smuggling drugs and survivor winners shooting things with bows and arrows, i think out city deserves a personality puff piece.

and while the descriptions of the dishes are secondary in the article, they are enough to confirm that all three of these restaurants remain at the top of my ‘yet to try in atl’ list.

honestly, i just have not had an occasion special enough for bacchanalia yet. any ideas? casimir pulaski day? dunno, but i am coming up with something.

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  1. Chintan (unregistered) on July 6th, 2006 @ 7:34 am

    “But the promise of the 1992 Olympics and the draw of the land and family brought her south.” Obviously she made a grave error. She should have moved to Barcelona.

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