Does Everyone in this City Have Too Much Time on Their Hands?

My thoughts on walking past Piedmont Park today.

So I was walking down Piedmont to work today around 3pm. As I arrive at the intersection across the street from one of the park’s little entrances, I come upon a group of fat shouting people with signs. They had been hiding behind the bushes. One was engaged in a heated argument with your basic random midtown gay guy. The irate fat guy had a loudspeaker, but he was still losing the argument – he thought Jesus was on his side.

After a minute of waiting in the sun, I dodged between some cars to the center of the street, trying to avoid the noise of two people intensely not listening to each other. The group of people who had been standing next to the “my god is a loving god” guy came with me. Vengeful Jesus chilled on the curb behind us.

Eventually the cars stopped being so distressingly aggressive, so we all crossed the street, ignoring a new shouting “protester” on the other side.

The two protesters were gone when I walked past the intersection on the way home from work. I assume they left early so they’d have time to protest against stockyards not slaughtering animals in the exact manner proscribed by the Old Testament.

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