New Georgia National Cemetery

“To be able to honor the Georgia veterans who have wanted this for so long — it’s been a great experience to help them,” said Sandra Beckley, director of the Georgia National Cemetery.”

As I was reading some of the Memorial Day reports online, I learned that we have a new National Cemetery up near me in Cherokee County. It’s the Georgia National Cemetery located at 2025 Mount Carmel Church Lane in Canton, GA.

Maybe, one day, in the future, we won’t need any new “national cemeteries” for our war dead. I’m afraid I won’t see it in my lifetime but, I thought I’d pass on the information and the website.

[[ Mark rightly corrected me in the comments. These cemeteries are not just for war dead but, for vets. I knew that but, failed to be clear. ]]

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  1. Mark (unregistered) on May 29th, 2006 @ 9:40 pm

    National cemeteries aren’t just for war dead. They’re for all veterans who wish to be buried there…. So, as long as we have a military…

  2. Mrs. Martin L. Smith (unregistered) on June 18th, 2006 @ 12:32 pm

    The Ga. National Cemetery is a Godsend. Our family lost “Daddy” in May & he was in his 40’s. His VA benefits allowed us to bury him in a place he would be proud to call “home”. He served 7 years in the Navy during the Cold War & Greneda era. He never saw combat, but was in “Russian Waters” during a time when that was a big no-no. Among his awards & citations is a Humanitarian Award. Though an imposing 6’4″, he was not a “Rambo”/killer. He was a gentle giant. Of all the things in his life, his military career was one of his proudest & he claimed bragging rights to it. So much so that he had dreams that one day his son or daughter would go to Annapolis. He also considered it not only a duty, but a privelege to represent this Great Nation as a member of the Military. No matter what branch of service. He also believed that all our freedoms, including the “anti” viewpoints, and our reasonable security that we enjoy, is because we have a strong & intimidating military. Personally, I thank God, & whoever the powers that be are, that we have the people who are willing to do whatever is needed for our benefit, not theirs. Scot Hudgens donated the land with the philanthropy of thinking of others, not just himself. A philosophy all military personel hold or they wouldn’t be there. I hope there will always be veterans cemeteries so that these men & women, along with their families, always have a sacred place to rest. And yes, I have never served, but I will be there with my husband someday. And proud of it.
    Mrs. Martin L. Smith
    Duluth, Ga.

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