The Day of Escaped Dogs

Today I’ve seen five incidents of dogs escaped on my street. (One dog got out twice.) It may be the weather (I’d like to get out and run around, too!), but with Lori’s message below it makes me especially nervous. You never know if your beloved friend is going to get picked up by somebody unable to take him home even for a hours. If your dog gets dropped off at the wrong shelter on the wrong weekend (see below), she could get euthanized almost immediately.

All of the dogs I’ve met wandering the neighborhood today have been sweet. I’d hate to see any of them get put to sleep. So please do take in a dog if you can, before it’s too late. Help them escape a heart-breaking fate. Some shelter dogs are sweet, well-mannered and already trained, ready to be great pets who just happened to run off without tags when the good weather came calling.

If you find a neighborhood dog, please call the numbers on their tags. I have at least one friend whose dog was euthanized despite having tags. That’s a gut-sinking feeling I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

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  1. john falk (unregistered) on May 14th, 2006 @ 11:41 am

    This is so true, and probably the best reason nobody should just open the door to let their pooch out to relieve himself. Most dogs can easily be distracted by something that grabs their attention, then if that distraction is comething exciting to chase, away they go…sometimes never to find their way home again.

    Never let your beloved pal go out unsupervised unless you have a securely fenced yard.

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