RIP, Strong Dad

I didn’t personally know Donald Chapman, AKA Strong Dad, but his sons are two of Atlanta’s finest (The Brothers Chaps produce the wildly successful and always funny Homestar Runner web cartoon). So it’s with great sadness that I mark the passage of “Strong Dad” on April 15 at the age of 66.

From all accounts their father was an integral part in the creativity of the show and the success of the business of Homestar Runner. He will be missed.

My condolences to the Champman family and to all the Homestar (and Strongbad) fans out there. I hope we get a moving tribute to him on the site – it only seems appropriate.

One thing I’ve always admired about the site and it’s content was the lack of ads and commercial entanglements. Sure, the Brothers Chaps sell H*R merchandise and DVDs – I own 3 DVDs, two t-shirts and a hat – but they never sold out or compromised their integrity or sense of humor. I’m sure they made their dad very proud.

[Via Majikthise]

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