Passport to immortality

Let me prefice this post by saying that I am not an alcoholic. Nor do I binge drink or drink too much or any of that sort of stuff.

If someone were to ask me what was the best bar in Atlanta, I would give the same answer as to if they were to ask me what place had the best wings in Atlanta – the original Taco Mac at the corner of Virginia and Highland. It is the best bar for a number of reasons – not the least of which is that it is two blocks from my house. The bartenders are friendly and knowledgable and the atmosphere is excellent. Plus it has one of the better beer selections in all of Atlantaland.

Which brings me to the point. Taco Mac has this club called the Passport club. The idea is to get you to try all different sort of beers. I’m a member. I started about a year ago. The thing is they have these different milestones. At 13 beers, you become a pledge and you get a t-shirt that is good for working out in and maybe sleeping in. At 75 different beers you get a $10 price card. And at 125… well, at 125 you become a Passport Member. This is the point you’ve been working for. At this point you get a plaque on the wall, a nice shirt, and (glory!) you get an engraved 20 oz. mug with which you will drink for the price of a pint. This is big.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, on Friday night I will reach 125. And I invite all of you to join me in celebration. If anybody want to actually buy me those last five beers… well, I’m not going to turn you down.

Okay, I just turned on the TV – how the heck does Freddy Prinze Jr. have a sitcom?

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  1. STEVE BEVILLE (unregistered) on March 1st, 2006 @ 10:04 pm

    YOU LUSH!!! Actually, during the “Summer of My Discontent” – 2003, I would sit with my buddy and have a few beers during lunch at that very Taco Mac. Yes, lunch. As it was the SOMD, what else did I have to do? It is, indeed, a nice place.

    OMG! I could sit and do live video blogging as you take a sip of #125!

    Hope to see you Friday!

  2. Paulie [eatl/ga] (unregistered) on March 2nd, 2006 @ 7:57 am


    When I moved to Atlanta eleven years ago I started on my Passport at the Taco Mac on Roswell Rd (now a Summits I believe). When I realized that in order to accomplish Passport status (then you only needed 100, not 125) it would cost me over $500 dollars. To me that seemed a high price for local immortality.

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