Sandy Springs Online – All Systems Go, Captain

A late congrats on Sandy Springs being – uh – “real” now? Cool gang. You’re out from under Fulton County. That’s at least 50 points right there.

I used to live in “Sandy Springs” and loved it when I was there. What an awesome opportunity you have now!

But, “Sandy Springers”… Stevie, and several others, are watching your young little experiment in city-hood. Our clipboards are poised. Will you remember that politicians work for YOU. And that YOU control THEM and not the reverse?

One year from now, will you have evidence that city-hood and personal involvement in government is a positive thing for America? I hope so and I BELIEVE in YOU!!!

However, the records and the cameras are already rolling. Make me proud.

Oh and….

“…3:30 p.m. รณ A woman at the door of Flasher’s strip club denies a reporter entry, saying, “We aren’t allowing reporters inside. There have been a lot of reporters come by today.” The press is interested because Galambos and other city council candidates have vowed to shut down adult businesses…”

Clip from the

Was that y’all or a run-away politician? Just checking. I’ll always be checking.

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