Revolving door restaurants

So I got one of those “It’s your birthday, come celebrate with us” mailers the other day from Centelas on Collier. I didn’t realize the Melting Pot had been replaced by a different fondue restaurant. Either way, my birthday was over two weeks ago and the coupon expires tonight. No fondue for me.

Additionally, I just noticed (boy am I a zombie) that my favorite hole-in-the-wall/greasy food joint, Lil Dino’s, is becoming a Firehouse Subs “station” [insert ironic laughter]. Not that Lil Dino’s was fabulous, but it did have that slackard college charm and faint smell of desperation, flop sweat and old french fry oil. Firehouse can’t compete.

My larger question and my point, if I have one, is why have these two eateries changed but not changed? Why switch from one fondue joint to another? Why refresh your sign, but still offer subs?

Why do I even care? Maybe I’m still pissed about my birthday.

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