Nice Weather We’re Having

Forgive me, but I’m posting about the weather. 50 degree temperatures? This wind? I love it. Seriously. Love it. I went to Scotland and Orkney on my honeymoon. This is just the way I am. Scarves, corduroy jackets and cardigan sweaters? Yes, please.

When we moved down here, my wife and I were concerned that we wouldn’t get this kind of weather anymore. We didn’t know what to expect from the ATL. Honestly, it wasn’t pine trees and the Blue Ridge Mountains, but I’m delighted to see that this is how it is.

You know who doesn’t like this? The dog. Like Lori’s dog Molly, who is a biggie-sized version of our dog, Clem, this sudden chill is apparently too much to bear. The little wuss. Dogs in Minnesota didn’t need coats or scarves until it snowed. Even then most of them toughed it out.

By comparison, my in-laws dog, also named Molly, likes it so hot that she sleeps on the superheated hearth of their wood stove. One night, her tail caught fire. Actual fire. She’s fine, but man, that’s one cold-fearing dog.

Anyway, now that this great weather has arrived, I’m going to Phoenix for a business trip. Sunny, sandy Phoenix, for a convention at a golf resort. No one in the world is further outside the target market for a palm-lined Southwestern golf resort than I am. I’d much rather stay in this Halloweenesque weather and attend the Halloween parties at Halo or The Independent, but at least I’m doing something new.

Anybody want to recommend me a place to eat in Phoenix?

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  1. shelbinator (unregistered) on October 24th, 2005 @ 9:58 pm

    Don’t get too stoked on sun and sand, Will, the weather in PHX calls for 81/57 temps for the next week, and I dare say it might be the most delightful fall weather I’ve ever enjoyed.

    Every new day in grad school is a day I wonder more and more why I ever left my life in Phoenix to suffer this indignity, so I’d be happy to offer some tips. Rula Bula on Mill Ave is about as Irish as an exhibit at Epcot Center, but they’ve got a damn good whiskey burger and if memory serves the Guinness beef pie is also good comfort food. There’s no going wrong with a pint or two of Guinness and some oysters at a cozy house-turned-tavern called Casey Moore’s, down the road a bit. For some serious Mexican food, go where there are Mexicans: way down south on Central Ave at Los Dos Molinos (avoid the spinoff location); carne adobada, oh my.

    Beyond that…things have changed too much, so I can’t make a good call. But if you’re the running type, skip out on the morning golf meeting, bring your sturdiest running shoes, and find your way to the northern Camelback Mountain trailhead (N. Echo Canyon Pkwy & E. McDonald Dr) at dawn. It’s about 1.25 miles to the top and the most satisfying 30 minute “run” I’ve ever had.

  2. True Believer (unregistered) on October 25th, 2005 @ 11:36 am

    For even better Mexican food try Los Olivos- they have two locations, one at the Scottsdale Civic Center and another at the 101 & Frank Lloyd Wright. Also the best wood-fired pizza in the Southwest is at Pizzeria Bianco downtown.

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