Aliens Are Hot

Okay, so I just put that title in to get your attentionÖbut that doesnít mean itís not true. Anyway, I know that if anyone out there is like me, you think a lot about various Halloween costume ideas, but wait till the very last minute to actually get off your ass and do anything about it. Well, I know where you can go if youíre in this type of predicament, or if you simply canít find the costume you had your heart set on: Costumes, Etc in Buckhead.

Last year, it became imperative that my band dress up as Star Trek crew members for our Halloween show at RedLight CafÈ. I even started searching early to ensure that we would be fully prepared with uniforms, communicators ó you know, the works. So I searched high and low. I called every single place in Atlanta (except Costumes, Etc.) a month in advance and no one had any Star Trek stuff whatsoever!! I resorted to calling mail-order/Internet companies from here to Louisiana to Idaho (for real), and they had absolutely nothing to offer.

Finally I got a hold of Dave (if I remember correctly) at Costumes, Etc., who is a true theatre guy (actor, costume pro, etc.) and not only had everything I needed, but gave me great tips on how to make the band look really great. I was truly in awe of the selection. Not only did they have multiple sets of Star Trek uniforms for sale and rent, they had a plethora of cloaks, pirate outfits, awesome and very professionally made ghouly and alien masks, fairy stuff, various period costumes, and countless more dreams on hangers for anyone getting ready for All Hallowís Eve. And YesÖthey even had my Vulcan ears. Check it out if you want to be a hot alien or maybe even a burlesque dancer.

Post Script: I know you all think I’m a big geek for loving Star Trek so very, very much…but your insults can’t hurt me…so just honor the Prime Directive and leave me alone :-P

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  1. keep on trekkin' (unregistered) on October 4th, 2005 @ 7:56 pm

    so which era costumes did you end up with? i’ve always been partial to the wrath of khan design elements.

  2. aradia (unregistered) on October 4th, 2005 @ 8:19 pm

    The Wrath of Khan design elements are quite awesome. All we could get our hands on were the original series and Next Gen uniforms though. I was Uhura and two of the guys were NextGen characters. i wore the Vulcan ears cuz I don’t think I could totally pull off the Uhura thing by itself ;-)

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