Way to go, Sonny

First, he bungled the post-Katrina fuel supply disruption by not giving Georgians the information they needed until after panic-buying was already under way.

Now, we hear about another possible fuel shortage in the state, not because he told us, but because he told school officials, one of whom talked to CNN.

Didn’t he learn earlier this month that if you give people the information they need, there probably won’t be a panic-buying binge? Remember, the post-Katrina panic-buying stopped within hours of Perdue telling us that the fuel pipelines were gonna be up and running by Labor Day Weekend. All he needed to do was stand in front of a mic and tell people, “Hey, this is the situation so far . . .” Instead, we’re left with snippets of information indicating an impending fuel shortage, and no one is telling us how severe it could be or how long it could last. That’s a recipe for panic-buying.

I’m not saying that panic-buying is gonna happen. I’m just saying that if it does, it wasn’t necessary.

Conserve fuel — when Sonny Perdue asks you to vote for him again, stay home.

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