All Eyes On Me (or Me and Aradia Against The World)

Those of you who are casual readers of Metblogs may not know that some of the most enjoyable content on this page is tucked away in the Comments section attached to each post.

For a fine example, I direct you to logical trainwreck/comical masterpiece posted in the wake of my criticism of Tupac Shakur as an icon of peace.

So far, the comments include one guy who’s so angry at me for questioning Tupac’s “peace icon” credentials that he wants to beat me up, and another who espouses the openly racist belief that being born poor and black made Tupac irredeemably immoral and, therefore, not completely culpable for his violence (verbal or physical) and sexual predation.

Incidentally, that same guy thinks it’s racist to be annoyed at panhandlers.

All that because I wrote that childish, macho bullies don’t deserve peace memorials.

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