J.L. King Moves to Atlanta…how convenient.

DL. Down Low. Some of you know about J.L. King (author of the birdcage liner On The Down Low) for making this acronym more of a household phrase thanks to this asstastic “performance” on Oprah, warning her already well-fed housewife crowd that “Hark! Your man will creepeth to the other side!” He speaks from experience being a man who’s cheated on his wife with other men then made a living from it.

Hmph. As if women who read E. Lynn Harris’ whole catalog already aren’t having those doubts.

Now, the master shit-starter has set up residence in Atlanta, the Black gay mecca. Sure, he may have moved down South to pick up roots in the Dirty Dirty, but I’m not buying it.

He’s doing research for a sequel. Watch for it!

P.S.: I wonder if the guy he saw from his pew in the first chapter is a cohort of local homophobe pastor D.L. Foster?

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  1. Anonymous (unregistered) on September 2nd, 2005 @ 11:19 pm

    RE PS: No the cohort was more likely a member of the local in the life church chapter. You know all the ones you see at the Black Gay Pride Sunday morning “church” service?

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