Another first for me

The last time I saw prices like this was in California. I had a brief flashback tonight.

There was one report tonight from a friend of mine that said a local gas station up around Hwy 92 and I-75 ran out of regular grade gas and decided to price the remaining mid-grade “silver” at the same price as the regular grade. Seems to be a great gift to their customers. I thought that was cool.

A colleague of mine, who travels a great deal and knows a number of convenience store owners, said they make in profit about 1-3 cents on each gallon. Therefore, if someone drives off with $30-$40 worth of gas, it takes quit a bit to make that up. I don’t personally know profit figures on retail petrol but, I’ve always heard there isn’t very much.

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  1. gouger (unregistered) on September 1st, 2005 @ 8:49 am

    …and how much profit do they oil companies get?

    I like how the EPA cut standards to “keep the price down”, but Exxon can’t be bothered to rest on their $$$$ from this year already.

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