Menopause is Funny. I Swear.

This weekend I went with some lady friends to check out Menopause the Musical at the 14th Street Playhouse, and Iíll tell ya flat out that I was skeptical going in. Iím a couple years away from it yet and I wasnít sure I was going to ìget itî. Flat out, it was infinitely encouraging and heartwarming to see all those women gathered together in one place celebrating their womanhood and everything that comes with it. Even menopause.

Demonstrating what little self control I have, Iíll refrain from documenting the brilliantly done parodies throughout the show, but I will reveal that the opening number included a tug of war in Bloomies documenting our individual rights of passage and evolution from theseÖ

To theseÖ

To these.

So true. So very, painfully true.

If you can catch this show while itís running until September, do. Take your girlfriends, your moms, your aunties, your workmates and prepare to laugh, clap until your hands are raw and prepare to sing along. Even the boys will get a kick out of it (if theyíre hip enough).

Talent abounded in this cast, and Maia Nkenge Wilson who was billed as an understudy rocked it on stage as ìPower Womanî. She is a star and you owe it to yourself to see this powerhouse before she hits Broadway and you canít afford to. Of course by you I mean me…

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