Rain Delay

Another day, another game at the ol’ ballpark… This time though it was another free ticket affair which ended up with us getting paid $12 to see 5 innings worth of play.

As usual, the girl notified me of the free tickets she gets from work occasionally at the last possible moment, so by the time she gets home, we eat dinner, get ready and get to the ballpark, we’ve usually missed the first couple of innings, infact we arrived just as Greg Maddux got a standing ovation when he came up to bat (an ovation some news sources are denying even happened) in the 3rd. But we have 4 tickets and there was only two of us, so as we walk towards the plaza a guy comes up to us and offers to buy a couple of tickets, seeing as the game had begun and, as he said, “it’s in the 4th inning” he wanted $10 for the pair, so the girl said $12 and the deal was done, $12 of pure profit which bought our snacks on the inside…

So anyways, it was a good game from what we saw, unfortunately the heavens opened up during the 7th inning stretch and we called it a night, call me a fairweather fan if you want, but I’ve sat through a 3 hour rain delay before and stayed til the end, walking out the ball park at 1:30am (that’s commitment folks!), where was I? Oh, yes, it was a good game with the Braves leading the Cubs 5-1 before the rain, they went on to finish the game after a 2 hour delay with the scores remaining the same. After the game the night before, we ended up not taking a single picture from this game, which in it’s self is kinda strange…

Though it’s slightly worth noting that in the 12 games I’ve been to at Turner Field in little over 14 months, I finally, finally got my hand on a foul ball hit into the stands… and promptly lost it 0.1 of a second later amidst the scramble that followed, oh well.

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