Terrifying Night In SW Atlanta

This morning at 2:15A, at my home in Southwest Atlanta’s Capitol View neighborhood, we were awoken by the sound of someone screaming and banging on my front door.

By the time I got dressed and put my contact lenses on, the screamer/banger was walking away. My housemate managed to look outside the window. She saw a disturbing sight. Walking away from my house was a completely naked, skinny, white woman, with blonde hair. She appeared to be alone.

I called the police and gave them a description.

I feel awful. I was too afraid to open the door and offer help. I was scared — from being startled awake by screaming and banging on my door, scared because there are a lot of hookers and drug dealers working Dill Avenue, 1.5 blocks away. I imagine(d) myself as a good person who would do the right thing when needed. In this instance, I did next to nothing.

In a couple minutes, I calmed down a bit and suddenly felt like I had to do something to help. I grabbed some blankets and a flashlight and tried to find the woman in my car. The police came pretty quickly (or maybe I just moved slowly) because I wasn’t driving for more than 15 seconds before seeing them passed them on my street. They were using their car spotlight to look for her.

I spoke briefly with the officer. He said that one of the other neighbors had called 911 as well. He drove off and continued searching.

I decided to drive around a bit, too. I never found the woman.

About two blocks from my house, however, I found a purse and shoes in the middle of the street. The purse was stuffed and the shoes were clean and newish. In other words, they belonged to someone and they hadn’t been outside for long. I walk there all the time. It’s not something you’d typically see.

I called 911 again and told them about what I found. I never touched the purse or shoes. It wasn’t the Law & Order fan in me protecting the evidence. I never touched them because I was too freaked out to even get out of my car. I simply waited for the cops to come by and pick them up.

I don’t know if they found the woman or the person(s) who sent her running and screaming. I don’t think they did because I’m sure I would have seen an ambulance. I have to assume that she was the victim of a sexual assault.

I plan to follow up with the Zone 3 office in the morning. If they don’t respond helpfully (I’m sorry to say it, but they typically don’t) then I’m gonna call my City Councilwoman Joyce Shepard.

I’ll keep you posted.

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