Burning Cobb County

In the interest of owning up to my new identity as that crimeblogging guy (something I wasn’t sure was a good thing after I was contacted by producers of A Current Affair because my web research turned up some goodies on the dutch kid suspected of harming Alabama teen Natalee Holloway on Aruba), and also because Andy has already started the ball rolling with his two entries about terror in SW Atlanta, I bring to you news of the most recent OTP arsonist. Some dude — they are nearly always dudes — is trying to burn down the commercial establishments of Cobb County. And yes, I do live uncomfortably close to the Fulton/Cobb county line.

From an article published by WSB TV at their website, titled Reward Issued for Information in Cobb Fires, a bit of MSM (MainStream Media) reportage for ya:

A reward of up to $10,000 is being offered for information about recent fires at three Cobb County stores that authorities say were apparently deliberately set.

Anyone with information about the fires, that were reported Friday at a CVS pharmacy, Kroger and Publix grocery stories, was asked to call the Georgia Arson Hotline at 800-282-5804.

Investigators have determined that the blazes were an act of arson…

There is an implication in offering a reward for info about all three fires that one person was responsible. I believe, due to all three locations being commercial and in the same general area, that one person probably was responsible. The first thing I thought of was Joseph Wambaugh’s book about John Leonard Orr, Fire Lover. Orr was considered an expert in arson investigation, and the southern California fireman developed this expertise by being a prolific arsonist who tended to target commercial establishments.

Arsonists are very much like serial killers, and sometimes they become serial killers — they have a jones for power. So anyone who might have information to offer about this recent spate of suburban terrorism really should call that arson hotline and try and get the guy who is trying to burn the strip malls out of Cobb County off the streets. I grow as tired of the soulless windswept expanses of suburbia and Village of the Damned-looking kids playing soccer at dusk in every cul-de-sac as the next guy, but I’m kind of fond of CVS and their large selection of colorful tabloids, caffeine pills, cold medicines and Timex watches. That, and they always have those special pills that I obviously need.

Seriously, though — arsonists, like serial killers, rarely stop of their own accord. So be vigilant, and help, if you are able.

Appropos of nothing, I want to introduce the three people who might not know to ScaredMonkeys.com. I wouldn’t tack this unrelated note on my arsonist entry but for the fact that Tom, one of the two guys who created that very popular blog, is an Atlanta-area resident. That, and the Scared Monkeys have been all over the Natalee Holloway [Google search] story like newsprint on sweaty fingertips. Give a look-see, if for no other reason than to enjoy the photos of scared monkeys, always a treat.

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