Ticketmaster Pain

Sometimes I could just scream at TicketMaster and it’s xenophobic ordering system… I mean, I was around in plenty of time to order tickets for Coldplay at the Philips Arena this morning, but it then took me on a 25 minute dance to get them.

First of all, transplanted Scotsman here so my visa card from the UK and it isn’t liked by them one bit, so my floor level seat disappeared quickly, then the card that was stored in my account had expired, so another potentially great seat disappeared into the ether also while I went about updating the account details… Finally, at my wits end, and just before I was ready to get on the phone to them about why they wouldnt even allow a pdf download option to cards from outside the US, I was able to get a semi decent seat…

Front row of the upper level, section 311. $51 plus $11 (eleven??) in fees, don’t get me started on that…

Shame it’s on Will Call (small graces), all I need to do now is get down the Philips Arena and hope the transaction went ahead fine.

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