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So, you wanna dance?

You wanna get loose?

You wanna fly?

You want a little C?

F**k that!

This is not a fun and games drug. It can kick your ass.

Meth use explodes in cities
‘You can’t just dabble in crystal meth’

In the Atlanta area, methamphetamine users account for the fastest-growing segment of addicts seeking treatment. Rehabilitation centers there are seeing an uptick in the number of women meth addicts, while officials in Minneapolis-St. Paul say they’re treating an alarming number of meth users younger than 18.

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So, you’re looking for a little crystal action? cool? NOPE.

This is a real drug. It will addict you. It does not give a damn about you. It will control you.

If you know someone that has this addiction, they need help now. They need help before it’s too late. Help them seek it out because soon they won’t be able to do it themselves.

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  1. Joseph G (unregistered) on January 29th, 2005 @ 1:13 pm

    It is a horrible drug–I have friends and family members who have thrown their lives away because of it.

    Ultimately, it’s the responsibility of the meth user to seek help. Trying to make them see the error of their ways after they’re already hooked is not going to do any good.

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