The weather is poised to get a little testy this weekend. It’s going to be very cold, very wet, and probably a little icy. But please, for the love of gawd, let’s try to maintain some semblance of civilization out there. How are 4 gallons of milk, 6 dozen eggs, and a wheelbarrow full of bread going to help you when/if your power goes out tonight or tomorrow?

It is not news that Atlantans don’t handle inclement weather with a notable amount of grace. In fact, one might say that upon the mere rumor of crystalized water somewhere in the atmosphere, Atlanta quickly devolves into a massive gaggle of barking jackasses. But who are these people who suddenly forget how to pilot their vehicles or who find themselves unable to survive on the groceries already in their cabinets? Because it’s not me, and you’d probably disagree if I pointed the finger at you.

Since it is unlikely that anyone will admit to being one of those guilty of overreacting, I would like to use this forum to request that the citizens of Atlanta use a little judgement this weekend. The freaking out over the bad weather is like clockwork. It happens the same way every time and it is almost always proven unjustified.

Everyone calm down. Everything is going to be fine.

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  1. Jen (unregistered) on January 28th, 2005 @ 5:58 pm

    Hilarious. I actually laughed out loud.

    I for one will admit to, not overreacting, but being prepared. My power went out for nearly two days in September because of the hurricane, so when I went to the grocery store today (because I truly had no food), I did buy things that I could prepare on the stove just in case the power went out.

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