Is Justice Blind?

Consider this, 2 “Star” athletes facing jail time (no surprise there -eh?). One plead guilty to “cell phone to try to set up a drug deal”. He received 4 months jail time plus community service, time in a halfway house.

The other is facing first-degree vehicular homicide charges stemming from the accident in which another person died.

The latter has a deadline of Friday to reach an agreement with prosecutors or it will be going to trial.

Now Jamal Lewis … considering the heavier charges he was facing (conspiracy and drug possession charges) – I believe he did the right thing (admitting he did the wrong thing). I believe his punishment is not only fair and just – I believe it will definitely serve as a future deterrent for him and SOME of the youngsters who idolize him. Which – in the end – is what the justice system is supposed to be about, right?

Do you believe he received such a sweet deal because the gub’ment had a weak case OR because he is Jamal Lewis?

On to Dany Heatley … he was driving too fast down Lenox Road (who hasn’t done that?) … he had a beer (but he wasn’t drunk) … lost control of his ride, slammed into a brick wall, and killed his teammate.

Yes, it was a tragic accident.
Yes, the victim’s parents are asking for leniency.
Yes, Dany Heatley is going to have to live with the guilt of having killed his friend for the rest of his life (and beyond if you believe in that sorta thing!)

Does the relationship between Heatley and the victim negate ANY of his culpability with regards to the crime?

Surely, it was NOT his intent to kill anyone ..he was merely traveling down a dark, winding road at a high rate of speed after drinking … If he had been driving slower chances are – his friend would still be alive.

I’m anxious to see if the Justice system turns a blind eye to this case and sentences him as Dany Heatley OR Will the Justice system stand up and treat Heatley as it most certainly will treat this guy?

I guess we will see Friday, huh?

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