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I’m sure several of you have read the story currently making the national news rounds about the speaker in San Francisco who articulated to an audience of eighth graders some of the positive aspects of a career in exotic dancing. Obviously, talking to minors about something that is illegal for minors is going to ruffle feathers no matter how you slice the community standard pie. Speaking of the community standard pie, let’s take a look at the AJC‘s take on it. Note: this is all based on time-sensitive internet news exhibits as of 4:48pm today. Links subject to change and brokenness at any time. has the following headline/story link on their homepage:

Speaker to students: Stripping can be lucrative

Entering the word stripping into Google:News returns the following headlines:

Speaker touts stripping to 8th graders (Wired News)
Stripping can be lucrative, students told at career day (CBS News)
Speaker tells middle school students that stripping can be lucrative (San Diego Union Tribune)
Speaker lauds stripping as lucrative career (San Jose Mercury News)

Currently, has the following headline/story link published:

Speaker urges 8th-graders to consider career as stripper

The vast majority of publications are either reprinting or heavily citing the same Associated Press story, yet the AJC adds their own moral interpretation to it by using the word “urges” in their headline. While the AJC’s headline is not false or even to the point of being misleading, I do think their choice of words is worth noting when compared to a cross section of other U.S. publications.

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  1. kendall (unregistered) on January 14th, 2005 @ 8:50 pm

    But are you …surprised? The AJC always comes suspiciously close to tabloid fodder … They aim to entice … and more often than not – it works!

    Welcome to the team by the way!

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