I’m negative …. are you?

RedRibbon.jpgAs you all should know today is World AIDS Day …this day is commemorated around the world to remind everyone that HIV/AIDS is a problem for everyone. Usually for me, this date symbolizes 9 days ’til my car tag expires … 9 days before my birthday … or 24 days ’til Christmas…BUT for whatever reason, I actually realized before any of the above -the importance of this date.
To be frank, AIDS is not “real” to me. I haven’t seen its’ face, haven’t heard its’ story told to me by someone I know and love. I mean I know that it is out there …I’ve heard all that stats…seen the pictures, read the articles, sighed heavily watching the news reports.
I read this article this morning. Apparently, though African Americans make up less that 30% of Georgia’s population – we account for 64% of the state’s HIV/AIDS cases. There is also word that African American women between the ages of 25-34 (my age group) are being infected twice as fast as any other group!
This type of information has me thinking – WHEN will it be real to me if not now? At this rate, it is bound to reach my ‘sphere of influence’ sooner than later … the only question is will I be the one telling the story or the one hearing it?

I’ve been tested twice in the last six months …I’m negative!

I urge you to make an appointment to get tested. AID Atlanta offers anonymous testing with an one week turn around! There is also a comprehensive list of other testing facilities in Atlanta and across the Country.

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