Halloween Hookup

Have you ever heard of The Rejection Hotline? That’s the fake phone number you can give out to sketchy people so they don’t have your real number. When they call it, it gives them a sarcastic message that begins “This is not the person you were trying to reach…” (Yes, I know it’s sort of cruel. Hopefully, you heard of it through word of mouth–and not because someone gave you the number.)

Did you know that the creator of the Rejection Hotline is an Atlantan? My friend Jeff, an Emory grad who used to intern with me at Turner Broadcasting, started up the hotline a few years back. He’s had some pretty major success with it. He now has hotlines in over twenty cities, and they’re so popular that he’s finally getting some attention from major advertisers.

I’m not really writing this post to pump Jeff up, however. As a lifelong Red Sox fan, he’s jacked enough right now.

This is really meant to get the word out about a charity event Jeff is sponsoring. It’s called Halloween Hookup, and it’s tonight at Tijuana Garage & Front Page News in Little Five. For a small price, there will be a free appetizer buffet, drink and food specials, and a bunch of different costume contests for cool prizes. The best part is that a portion of the proceeds from the shindig will go to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Good fun for a good cause. Everyone wins.

I have to confess, however, that I won’t be going. With a seven-month-pregnant wife, I’m banned from any location where alcohol flows freely and women in skimpy costumes frolic. (Although I keep telling my out-to-there wife that she could win the costume contest if she went as a slutty cheerleader, with lots of eyeliner and her belly sticking out of her cheerleading half-sweater).

While you hipsters get your schwerve on tonight, I’ll most likely be on the couch, watching the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre that I tivoed the other day. I’ll definitely be jealous, since Jeff’s parties are always packed with pretty people looking for love.

Anyway, click the links above for info on the Rejection Hotline, or to get more details on the party. And feel free to tell Jeff that you know me if you see him at the party. You may get lucky, and get something free out of it…

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  1. shoobie (unregistered) on November 1st, 2004 @ 3:10 pm

    Dude, you cant jock jeff goldblatt and not get a penalty or shout out on the internet. Shameless plug police called, they want your entire blog back.

  2. Jennifer (unregistered) on February 28th, 2006 @ 11:39 pm

    Do you know thew number to the rejection hotline number in Atl?

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