Kendall Meeks saves Atlanta’s Feet! Film at 11

Authors’ Note: I know it seems as if all I do is complain about all things stupid in Atlanta. After this entry, I promise I’ll seek out something fantabulous to blog about …wish me luck on that!

So – headed out on Saturday night for a little live music at a – new to me – venue in Atlanta. My girls were all going, it was relatively close to UnVa-Hi and most important – We were going to see Mrs. Beautifully Human herself – Jilly from Philly – JILL SCOTT!!! Due to circumstances beyond my control, I was not able to make it to the Venue until 6:45ish – but it’s all good the doors had just opened – NO PROBLEMO.

Arrive at the venue, Dekalb Atlanta Centre (DAC) and realize that it is located smack dab in the middle of a shopping plaza- Fiesta Plaza on Buford Highway – Mexico City East. There’s a Burlington Coat Factory over here, a Marshalls over there AND a Laredo Western Wear store RIGHT there. Interesting, but still NO PROBLEMO. All I had to do was go to the entrance grab my ticket from my girl and go to the back of the line – I was late so I had to do what I had to do still – NO PROBLEMO.

El problema es siguiente …Lectura De la Subsistencia

Grabbed the ticket and headed south towards the end of the line.

I’m walking, walking, walking … past hundreds of anxious concert go-ers there were all types: girls night out, first dates, birthday celebrations, anniversary presents – just happy people.

I’m walking, walking, walking past hundreds more anxious concert go-ers these folks were less happy but still chipper: girls that took way too long to get dressed, the late friend and the group of people who decided to wait for them, the fashionably late crew who never arrives early.

I’m still walking, walking, walking ( I promise you – I’m not embellishing this at all)… I finally arrive at the end of the line …which is incidentally right in front of where I’d parked my car. The mood towards the back of the line was …one of shock and utter disbelief. The line snaked all the way around the building – had someone had the notion to take 6 steps to the left the line would have started AND stopped in the same location. Ridiculous!

In my cute shoes – boots from Neimans – I stood in line for 2 hours … 2 hours!!! At around 8:45 – the fire department arrives – rumors of shutting the place down, turning people away at the door spread like wild fire (pun intended). This, of course, does nothing to sooth/calm the nerves of the frazzled hundreds around me…Even I started to wonder if all the time spent online was going to pay off??

Ended up missing the opening act – despite the fact that I had arrived at the venue 1.5 hours before the scheduled start time. My ticket was finally scanned around 9:10. Rushed towards the music and the lights, pushed away the curtains …


After 2 hours in line – STANDING ROOM ONLY!

Thank GOD for friends – I’m telling you had it not been for them – they managed to secure prime real estate – front and center! We had a wonderful unobstructed view. After enduring all that time in line – being up FRONT was almost enough to make me not write this entry.

Jill was captivating, her background vocalists – amazing. Her band – fantastic.

Word to the wise: If you absolutely must go to the DAC – DON’T! Care enough about your neck, back and feet – just say NO!!! I’m sure the artist you want to see will come back to Atlanta to a better venue. Maybe you could take a road trip to see them in Birmingham, Charlotte, or Nashville? Win tickets on the radio to check them out in Vegas, New York or LA?

Consider yourself warned!!!

Gotta run. I’ve got a tub full of epsom salt and bubbles calling my name… Dr. Kuhlman – I’ll see you on Monday!

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